Many years ago I attended a motivational seminar where I heard the question, “What is your time worth?” There are several ways you could view this question but here’s how I see it…

Your Time/Value Formula:
Gross Income for the week = X

Hours Worked Weekly = Y

(X divided by Y) = V (Value of Time in $/hour)

  • What do you average on your weekly income?
  • What do you average on your hours worked weekly?

So let’s think about it for a minute. I am sure you have already started doing the math in you head. It is really nobody else’s business but it is a good number for you to consider.

With the number that you now have, are you happy with your Value of Time, your V?

With your value, what do you consider to be poor, good and great. Are you comparing yourself to the hourly worker at a local factory. Do you compare your time to that of a worker at a department store?

How about comparing it to the CEO of a corporation? As an independent real estate agent you are the CEO and senior VP of every department. Are you getting a salary commensurate with your position? That is a bunch of questions but they are certainly worth pondering.

What is your real estate career worth and how can you increase the value of your time? There are two ways to increase your value. One is work fewer hours (we see a lot of Realtors attempt this process). The better method is to increase your weekly gross income.

How? By closing more deals. You close more deals by listing more properties and working with more buyers. Sounds easy huh?

Are you happy with your current value or do you wish to increase the value of your time?

So I ask the question one more time… “WHAT IS YOUR REAL ESTATE CAREER WORTH?”

If you’re answer is… “not enough…” then maybe you need to visit with us at Exit Pro Real Estate. We implement technologies and training that aid our agents in getting more money for their time, every time.