Welcome to the Carnival of Real Estate – Meat ‘n Taters Edition! EXIT Pro Realty is proud to host CoRE #156 this week with just over 20 quality submissions. So, without further adieu… on with the show!

Standard – 3rd Runner Up
While a bit negative, we thought this post was well written and had home owner interests at heart. Jim Wang over at Bargaineering has written a good post on Your Home is Not An Investment.

Select – 2nd Runner Up
John Coley over at Lake Martin Voice gives us a cool video and explanation of water depth in Lake Martin 101: How to Measure Winter and Summer Water Depth. In keeping with our theme, we think John’s done an excellent job by showing his knowledge of the area he specializes in as well as his friendly demeanor.

Choice – 1st Runner Up
This not-so-shabby article from Moolanomy Personal Finance, How to Sell Your Home Fast – 9 Tips to Get the Most From Your Home Sale is a great collection of general tips to help sellers make their home more salable; always a good thing.

Prime – CoRE Winner!
Joe Manausa over at Tallahassee Real Estate Blog rakes in the top award for his excellent article Consider Paying Home Mortgage Discount Points. It’s concise, informative advice from a real estate professional. We loved it.

Other Favorites…
The “Old 96er” Award
This one goes to Torrey Brothers over at HotWholeSaleRehabs.com for Top 50 Reasons to Invest in Real Estate Right Now! for shear heft. It’s a pretty informative article as well.

The “Yukon Gold” Award
This one goes to a good article that didn’t really follow along with the main pack. That said, Mark Menzella offered a great introduction to 7 Days to Better Your SEO Search Engine Optimization – Day 1, Title Tags.

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Congrats to all the winners. There were quite a few really solid articles this week, these just happened to be the ones that tickled our fancy. Make sure to submit your post to the Carnival Next week when it is hosted at MiOaklandCounty.com.