It takes exposure to get a home sold… a lot of it. Exposure with yard signs, newspaper ads, open houses, MLS listings, and most recently online… where 87% of buyers begin their home search. If you’re home isn’t being properly marketed online, I have to ask you, “What the heck are you doing?” You sure aren’t getting your home sold. Let’s look at what should be going on with your property online and what you can proactively do about it…

Property Exposure

I went to a short ‘class’ at our regional MLS office today. The class was about ListHub (more in a minute) and all the ways they can help syndicate our brokerage’s listings online. To give you a little background, the Arkansas Regional MLS does not syndicate listings without a broker’s permission. Up until now, our company, EXIT Pro Realty, has been manually entering our listings into a proprietary EXIT software called EXIT E-listings. E-listings then syndicates the listing out to many of the same sites that list hub does. FYI, other real estate companies (I’m speaking generally so don’t get offended if you are an agent) don’t offer a listing syndication solution like E-listings. It’s truly an amazing system and allows EXIT agents and their clients to get a definite leg up on the competition.

listhub listing syndicationEnter ListHub, Stage Right
Back to the class… ListHub has partnered with the ARMLS to syndicate listings in the database free of charge. FREE? Yes, free. All a broker has to do is opt-in to the arrangement and their listings will appear on dozens of real estate websites like Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads, Yahoo Real Estate, and many more. How many people were in the meeting? Five. Including yours truly. Frankly, the idea of ListHub is awesome. Get your listings exposed to 28 million online buyers a month all over the world on every major real estate search portal…. and it’s all done automatically.

Proper Property Marketing for 2009
As a marketing professional that realizes the power and value of that, I signed our company up on the spot… we’re even going for the premium version with agent accounts and a complete suite of metrics to help ourselves and our clients see where we should be focusing our marketing efforts.

Is your agent marketing your property like that? The sad fact is, probably not.

Now I’m not knocking real estate agents, It’s just a matter of understanding where your efforts should be focused. Many agents (especially in our market) have their nose to the grindstone and simply aren’t investing in the ideas and technology that will help their clients today. Many are stuck in an advertising quandary with no clear idea of how to focus their marketing efforts for their clients. This has never been more apparent to me than when I attended this ListHub meeting and find fewer than 5% of agents in our marketplace represented.

Now that I’ve said my piece, I’ll just say this:

When you interview an agent to list your property, one of the questions I would ask is, “Exactly where is my property listed online?” If your agent doesn’t seem to have a very clear and concise understanding and answer to that simple yet powerful question, I would go interview another agent… I’m just sayin’.

The fact is, just like a business needs a business plan to grow and prosper, so too does a home. If your agent doesn’t have a detailed written marketing strategy that they will follow to exposure your property to the world, you need to find one that does.

You can find a sample of our general EXIT written marketing plan (and a humorous presentation) if you go here and fill in your information. We don’t simply give that kind of proprietary information out for nothing.