I wanted to share a short story with everyone. Last week I sent out this blog I thought it was so cute, it was written by someone in my office. I just thought that the analagy was interesting and wanted to share the story Cherry? WhipCream? Nuts? Build Your Own Real Estate Business Sundae at Exit Pro Real Estate.

I got a phone call from someone I spoke to a long time ago, probably over a year and a half ago. She called after she read the blog about ice cream and said she had been thinking about me. Her neighbor has been trying to sell their house for quite some time and she thought she could use an Enthusiastic Realtor, like me! I was thrilled that she thought of me after all this time, evidently I made an impression! Ironically, she remembered me because I said…..”I was a hungry Realtor” meaning I am hungry enough to work hard to sell her house! She said her friends’ Realtor was very negative about the current state of affairs, how the economy is SO bad, and blah, blah, blah……so she thought I would be more of service to her. I hope her neighbor will call me when the time is right for her.

Enthusiastic Realtor

I truly love what I do, and I guess it shows. I feel we as Realtors cannot go around like “Debbie downers”. Always spewing negativity, I think the general public gets enough bad news from TV. We need to have a positive attitude and let that spread! Please don’ misunderstand me I am well aware the country as a whole, is in financial trouble, however, every Real Estate Market is different. Here in Northwest Arkansas we haven’t had it so bad. There are real deals out there from bank owned properties to desperate sellers and sellers who need to sell their houses for whatever reasons, the interest rates are still very low. I know there are vacant lots in unfinished subdivisions and an excess of new constructed homes that have been sitting for awhile here in Northwest Arkansas, but as a whole, this little part of the USA could say thanks for the blessings!

NO Down Payment?

For the “first time home buyers” you are crazy for not buying NOW! You will get $8,000.00 back when you file your 2009 tax return. However, time is running out, you must close by November 30, 2009 to qualify. It is taking a little longer these days to close, at least 30 days and more than often 45 days.

There is a Rural Development Loan if you qualify there is NO DOWN PAYMENT! You do have to buy in a rural area, Bella Vista is a rural area, Centerton is a rural area, Farmington, Pea Ridge, Gravette, Gentry, and Decatur are all rural areas.