It isn’t everyday that you have an opportunity to engage with such a charismatic and funny character, but Realtors in Northwest Arkansas had one today! Terry Watson hosted a seminar called “Avoiding Roadkill” at the Johnson Center for Families in Springdale where local Realtors gathered to hear his humorous and informative advice for excelling in today’s climate.

The advice included:


Planning strategically for the future Determine how you would like to reinvent yourself and plan ways to accomplish it every year.
Looking at the Return on Investment for all that you do Ensure that what you are doing is actually making a return. If it isn’t then stop!
Go Green Incorporate green practices into your business. The environment is important to all – Realtors included.
Choose your words carefully Words express meaning – use the right word for the purpose. Don’t just use the word that “everyone” uses.
There are lots of places to find information – use them.

Stop telling people and start showing them.

Our clients deserve accurate and relevant information. It is available, use it

  • YouTube
  • ProQuest
  • Library
Use the principle of Kaizen Regular, small improvements over time are more effective than sporadic large improvements
Don’t be reasonable Don’t be too serious.Be who you are and have fun – Real Estate IS fun!
Cut the fat If it isn’t necessary, if it doesn’t add value then get rid of it!