Just as the butterfly emerges from it’s chrysalis, so to does EXIT Pro Realty. In less colorful prose, we’re moving just down the street to #6 Halsted Circle in Rogers. It just sounds so much better the other way. The new digs will give Exit Pro Real Estate a chance to really spread it’s metaphorical wings and grow into the business that agents around Northwest Arkansas have previously, only dreamed.

Exit Pro Real Estate’s New Office
We try not to toot our horn before it’s all said and done so here is just a preview of what’s to come:

  • Room for at least 45 full-time agents
  • Complete live-interactive training center
  • Multi-use space for every conceivable need
  • High Speed T1 duplexing Internet access

Exit Pro Real Estate’s about to have a physical office to match it’s big-time ideas for training, Internet exposure, technology, and family atmosphere. Look out for some updates by week’s end with new office pictures and a date for our grand opening bash!