I had just about forgotten that I signed up Exit Pro Real Estate to host the Carnival this month. This past Tuesday I started getting blog carnival emails and realized… “oh yeah, we’re hosting the carnival this week.” With that said, this week’s carnival theme is “Meat ‘n Taters.”

No offense to the vegetarians…

We’re BIG on technology around Exit Pro Real Estate. One thing we try to keep our agents from losing sight of is the fact that real estate is about people, not technology. To keep that in mind for us and for the rest of the real estate community, we thought we’d get back to basics and talk about the meat ‘n taters of real estate. We also love to propagate the stereotypes of the deep south so the theme accomplishes two goals. This week’s carnival winners will be loosely based on how well they apply some of the basic real estate principles of networking, prospecting, closing, yadda yadda. Of course, we’ll recognize other posts that tickle our worcestershire (that’s a steak joke).

Bring on the articles and submit some posts! We’ve got 25 or so agents with their steak knives sharpened and ready to slice into some juicy real estate blogs!