Exit Pro Real Estate is still here and growing. Thursday, November 12th the regional offices of Exit Realty got together to show the unity of the brand in Northwest Arkansas. A group of eighty plus licensed realtors made a commitment to work together through marketing and the sales of properties in Northwest Arkansas.

Rumors abound… actions speak for themselves
It has been said that the attacks of one’s competitors should be taken as a compliment. The rumor being promoted in the street by one particular group of offices state that a smaller regional franchise has bought Exit Realty International. This is most certainly not true. Exit is still here and proud to be a leader in the real estate community.

The offices of Exit Pro Real Estate will continue to work together to increase the number of truly professional agents and the the selling of real estate throughout Northwest Arkansas and beyond.

The best choice is now Exit Pro Real Estate

For people looking to buy or sell real estate, consider your local Exit Pro Real Estate office. No other franchise or independent brokerage in Northwest Arkansas has the training, the technology, and the leadership to stand toe-to-toe with Exit Pro Real Estate. Therefore, no other office(s) can a client’s property as well as the collective offices of Exit Pro Real Estate.

For agents looking to make a move to another real estate company, you should also consider your local Exit Realty office. For more information on Exit Pro Real Estate, call (479) 631-9738