Tuesday September 29th marks the beginning of Exit Pro Real Estate’s International Convention. If you search the Internet for this event you’d probably find Exit Pro Real Estate agents tweeting about it, your agent’s voicemail may say they are out of office attending convention… but what the heck does that mean? Are Exit Pro Real Estate agents going to DC to party? Network? See that sights? What? And why would you care as a home owner, buyer, or seller? I’ll tell you what they are doing… and why you’ll be glad.

Exit Pro Real Estate is growing…
You’ve probably seen that billboard somewhere. If you live in Northwest Arkansas you’ve seen it on Interstate 540 or 71B. Chances are you’ve seen it no matter where you live. It’s EXIT’s simple message that says… “We’re growing.” While other real estate companies are backpedaling, reeling, and downsizing… Exit Pro Real Estate is growing. I think that says something about a company.

How is Exit Pro Real Estate growing? Why? What good does it do you? These are the real questions right? EXIT is growing in number of agents, market share, innovation, training, and just about every other way that counts. What it translates into for you is a better option when you are ready to choose a real estate agent. In general, EXIT agents are well trained, and highly motivated to take care of their clients. The Exit Pro Real Estate system is certainly the best system of real estate devised so far. It helps train agents, brokerages, and provides the tools to succeed. I could get strung off on Exit Pro Real Estate but I really just wanted to talk about the convention.

Exit Pro Real Estate’s 11th Annual Convention

Exit Pro Real Estate’s convention is where brokers, agents, assistants, administrators, and vendors go to come together to:

  • Share ideas
  • Learn about new programs and technologies
  • Listen to nationally recognized speakers
  • and much, much more…

Attendees also have the chance to win $100,000 or more. Bonus.

Heading into winter with a sparkling attitude…

Everything that happens at convention is geared towards one main goal… getting the body of EXIT agents revitalized and eager to move forward and implement some of the new strategies and tools they learn about at the convention. This effect even spills over to the EXIT agents that don’t attend. You may notice it in the next few weeks as your EXIT agent has a spring in his or her step, a smile on their face, and a determination to sell your home that is unmatched in the local agent community.

You see… this convention thing is good for you. Here’s just a sample of what your agent may be learning this week…

  • Time management
  • New Listing Tools
  • Working with Distressed Properties
  • Technology for Real Estate Agents
  • Properly Exposing Properties Online
  • Using Social Media in Real Estate
  • Results Driven Marketing

Now, if your agent wins $100,000… you better tell them to spend some of that extra cash on marketing your property! Thanks for reading.