Exitprorealestate.com, Exit Pro Real Estate’s Brokerage Blogsite is finally nearing it’s public launch. I thought now would be as good a time as any to explain how this website is unique, why it’s going to stir things up, and how it’s much more than any other real estate website in Northwest Arkansas.

1. It’s a fully syndicated Blogsite

If you don’t know what I mean by “blogsite” then you better go check out this video before you read any more.

Now I said “syndicated Blogsite.” This means that we syndicate (fancy word for copy or republish) real estate content to our website. Where do we get it…from Exit Pro Real Estate agents of course. Any time an agent writes an article on their personal blog, it gets syndicated here to add to the huge repository of knowledge already located on the site. Exitprorealestate.com truly is your ‘one-stop-shop’ for every real estate need or question.

2. It’s interactive

Have something to say about an article you just read? Say it by commenting on the article for the world to hear. We leave all comments unmoderated in their original form as long as they are PG rated. Ask a question in an article and subscribe to the comments by email to get a quick reply.

3. It creates transparency

Get to know your real estate agent before you buy or sell. Read their articles, look at their profile, visit the social networks they belong to. Find an agent you feel comfortable with to help you with your families most important asset you’ll ever own. Now, there’s no wondering, “will this agent do a good job?”, “How do they operate?”, “Are they trustworthy?”

All of these questions are answered for you and the whole world to see.

4. It makes our agents BETTER

Our agents have to write articles to get listed on our brokerage site. Their articles have to pass a certain criteria to be allowed on the site. They must be well researched, well written (or produced if it’s video), and provide our past, current, and future clients with some value. An agent that thinks and learns every day is an agent that grows and develops their craft. Just as doctors and lawyers must participate in continuing education, so too must our agents. In addition to the woefully insufficient 6 hours per year that is required, our agents spend hundreds of additional hours every year honing their knowledge of everything from market data to staging ideas…contract negotiation to the latest marketing techniques. You’ll see the difference when you use us…guaranteed.

5. It’s social

Exit Pro Real Estate does nothing by chance. Just as each agent has a Digital Marketing Strategy to efficiently market your home both on- and off-line, we also, as individuals and a company, participate in every major social network including:

  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • Plaxo-Pulse
  • Activerain
  • and many, many more

Follow us on Twitter @Exit Pro Real Estate. Share a blog post with your friends by email, text, or any social network using the ’sharethis’ button at the bottom of each post and page. Embed a video you like on your website or blog or share it with friends and family.

6. It’s alive

It’s not alive in the sense your dog is alive (hopefully) but in the sense that it’s not static like everyone else’s real estate website. We can change and move things at will, replace text and video, add features, install plugins, and more. In a word, Exitprorealestate.com is constantly evolving to better serve the Northwest Arkansas housing market. If you ever have a comment or suggestion please don’t hesitate to let us know.

7. It uses the best technology available

A lot of people and companies throw that word around, technology. We actually back up what we say. We have a full-time, on-staff technology director (that’s me) who does nothing but helps Exit Pro Real Estate’s agents expose their properties online and make them more efficient through the use of technology and social media. Our blogsite is built on the latest web optimized platform, WordPress MU, which allows us to create applications around our needs and the needs of our clients. We use a top of the line search portal to allow clients and prospects to easily find the home of their dreams.

I could go on (and on) but I think you get the jist.

Exit Pro Real Estate really is different. Our tagline is, ” . . . doing real estate right.” because that’s what we’re doing.

  • We are creating the most robust online presence of any company within 500 miles, hands down.
  • We have the best training of any company in nationwide.
  • Exit Pro Real Estate, our franchisor, is the only real estate company that expanded in 2008 and maintains an active international travelling training staff.
  • We hold our agents to a standard of professionalism and knowledge that no other company can match
  • If you are a buyer in need of a professional…contact us.

If you are a home owner that wants or needs to sell your home…contact us.

If you are an agent with the will to work hard but without the tools to succeed or reach the next level…contact us.