The only real constant in life is change. People change, the Internet changes, and the way that people buy a home changes and evolves. As a professional real estate agent, I task myself with staying on top of trends and best practices so that my clients always get the best service. Below are three reasons a social media agent is more likely to get your home sold than a traditional sales agent.

Let’s define a ’social media agent’
Social media is just the complete group of social networks, blogs, forums, and sites where people socialize for business or pleasure. While the list gets longer everyday the most popular social networking or social media sites are Myspace, Facebook, Linkedin, Bebo, and Twitter. We could keep going in real estate and add about 100 more; networks like activerain, ning, zolve, and comergence to name a few. But all you really need to know is that social media is mainstream…it’s pervasive…and it helps real estate agents get exposure for their clients and sell homes.

1. Their reach extends far beyond the local market

2. They can promote your home in many different ways on many different sites

3. They can add a ‘viral’ element to your home marketing that traditional agents cannot.

Social media agent’s reach extends beyond the local market…
While people move from neighborhood to neighborhood and move up and down in home size and price, a whole bunch of people move from one area to another. Traditional agents have no real reach outside their local markets.

Social media agents (we’ll just call them Socials) do. I have followers (and friends) on Twitter and Facebook that are from all over the world. My blog has received visitors from every state (including Puerto Rico) and 48 different countries. When one of those people or someone they know needs an Agent in Northwest Arkansas….who you think they are going to call?

And that’s not all…
Traditional agents may have connections with other people in real estate in other areas. People that they may send or receive business from an a sporadic or regular basis. Social Agents have those connects across different industries and in far larger numbers.

Social Media Agents promote your property in many different ways…

Here are just a couple of examples…

I regularly post your home listing information to my Twitter account using Tweetlister so my followers keep your home fresh in their minds.
I syndicate your home listing (I use E-listings but other ‘Socials’ use V-flyer or Postlets) to dozens of websites online to get the most exposure possible for your property.
I post a flyer for each property on Craigslist.
I write an article about you home and create a property website with your own personalized URL (ex.
I take video of your home and post it on Youtube with links back to my website and your property’s homepage.
I talk about showing your home on Facebook and Twitter, Plaxo/Pulse and Friendfeed…plus a dozen other websites and networks.

‘Socials’ can add a ‘viral’ element to your home marketing that traditional agents cannot.
Viral marketing is not something you can plan on. It’s when a piece of content, marketing, a picture, or an idea goes from one person to many via many different channels and users, very quickly. Check out wikipedia’s definition of viral marketing. However it’s defined, it’s certainly a real phenomenon and growing part of marketing. For a property listing to go viral (or something about it) it generally has to have something extraordinary about it or surrounding it. Let’s look at an example:

You list your home with a ‘Social’ who then begins their marketing efforts. The social writes a blog post about your home and mentions that the owner (that’s you) is the grandson of …oh, let’s say…Willie Nelson. The blog title goes something like this…”Own a piece of Willy Nelson History with this Charming 3 Bedroom Home.” The agent finishes the article and proceeds to syndicate it by posting it to their profiles on Facebook, Linkedin, and others.

Three hours go by and Exit Pro Real Estate (or some twitlebrity) has a search set up for Willy Nelson using and decides he likes the look of the house and RT’s (that’s Re-Tweets) your Tweet about the listing. About 14% of his 700,000 plus followers on twitter head to the blog post your agent wrote three hours ago and check out the home of Willy Nelson’s grandson. You just had nearly 100,000 people view your property in less than three hours. viral marketing in social mediaThat’s an example of Viral Marketing in Real Estate.

Now, you may not be Willy Nelson’s grandson but chances are there is something exceptional about you or your property that people will find interesting. One of those people may want to buy your home.

So why wouldn’t you hire a social media agent?
I certainly can’t think of a reason…unless you just don’t want your home sold. Social Networking and Social Media is the new way that people communicate. Many of us have a hard time with the ideas behind social media because they are so radically different than traditional communication and networking. Just remember that any one under thirty today has/is growing up with social media and that’s what they use to communicate and do business.

Shouldn’t your agent be using it too?

Social Media is all about the 2-way street so if you like this article, hate it, or something in between, let me know your thoughts on how social media can help real estate agents market homes for sale or give me your story about how social media communication or marketing has helped you do something. Thanks for reading.