5 Ways EXIT Pro Realty Markets Homes Better Than Any Other Real Estate Company in Northwest Arkansas

I’m just going to put it out there… Exit Pro Real Estate Realty has the tools to market your home better than anyone else out there. Our agents are trained to use these tools to the advantage of their clients and themselves. Here’s a few reasons that we can market and exposure your property better than any company in the marketplace…

1. Listing Syndication
98% of home buyers now look for home online, first. That’s 38 Million online home searches per month. Are they finding your listing? If you’re not marketing through syndication then they probably aren’t. Websites like Trulia, Zillow, Hotpads, Youtube, and Yahoo Real Estate get the majority of this search traffic. If you’re listing can’t be found there you’re property isn’t getting the exposure it needs to sell for the best possible price.

2. Additional Online Exposure
Speaking honestly, we expose your property in ways other real estate companies don’t even understand. We blog our listings to focus our market penetration for certain groups using keyword research. We send virtual tour videos to YouTube where less than 15% of Realtors list their properties, giving you an added boost of exposure in a marketplace where there are lots buyers but few people advertising. We even use TubeMogul.com to further syndicate our property videos to multiple online video sites and measure it’s exposure and effectiveness.

3. Professional Marketing Materials
Our agents have access to promotional flyer creation software, software to create virtual and video tours of properties, and a suite of creative advertising ideas and materials that help agents sell distressed, difficult, and niche market properties better than anyone else.

4. Premium Customer Relationship Follow up and Management Software
Exit Pro Real Estate owners have invested in an office wide “CRM” software that allows our agents to track every facet of their business including:

  • Conversations
  • Appointments
  • Marketing Plans
  • Contracts and addenda
  • Professional contacts
  • and much more…

While the idea of a relationship manager is not new, no other office in Northwest Arkansas can say that it has an Office-Wide system available to it’s agents where information can be interchanged, shared, and dispersed efficiently and effectively. It allows us to convert more buyers into sales for our clients. It also helps us communicate with our clients more effectively and regularly. One of the chief complaints about Realtors in general is that they don’t communicate regularly with their clients. This helps us do just that.

5. Viral and Social Media Marketing
While there are a small number of agents across Northwest Arkansas with a fair deal of ’social capital,’ there isn’t another real estate company that has a centrally driven social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and the RE Net. We encourage our agents to pursue goal-oriented social media strategies for their business. We then supplement that with a general company presence. All of our listings, articles, and press releases are syndicated, socially bookmarked, facebooked, tweeted, and blogged into all the major social media outlets.

If you are a seller that is unfamiliar with some of these concepts, that’s okay. You don’t really have to know how it all works. Just know that we are doing things in a progressive, comprehensive, forward-thinking way to grow our company and provide the best possible service to our clients and customers. Contact us today to find out more about a marketing plan specifically for your property. You can always contact me personally to talk about how our agents can market your home like no-one else in the area.

If you are an agent that would love help in using some of these tools or you’d like to see what Exit Pro Real Estate can do for you, then contact me or the office. Thanks for reading.