Outdoor living in Rogers Arkansas

Expand your living space:

Multiple outdoor rooms don’t necessarily require acres of land. Postage-stamp sized front lawns and narrow side yards can be landscaped to be rooms in themselves and not just passageways. “It can be a shady quiet, meandering space with hydrangeas, hostas, moss and a dripping wall fountain, and other plants trained to grow vertically up against the house or on a lattice,” Donovan says.

Plants soften hard edges (such as concrete flooring) and add a sense of life, warmth and comfort. Santoro, who’s also an expert in feng shui, likes jade plants, miniature orange trees and potted philodendron in sheltered areas, and pines and bamboo to define outdoor areas. Or, choose plants based on the feelings you want to evoke in the space. For example, a meditative outdoor room works best in shade, surrounded with ferns and hosta with ligustrum to define borders. Left to grow naturally, a ligustrum hedge looks woodsy and informal, or you can trim it to define a more formal outdoor room. Northwest Arkansas is weather friendly to many plants to complete your outdoor living space.

Water Features
Do you live near Interstate 540, Walton, New Hope, or perhaps one of the other busy streets in Northwest Arkansas. Then you should consider a water feature. Water is one of the most important elements in an outdoor room. The sound of water “really creates a serene setting,” says Thernell. Even if you’re creating a room for entertaining and dining rather than meditating, “it’s still nice to hear the splash when you’re sitting around the table.” But you don’t have to spring for a pond or waterfall. A container water garden or a tabletop fountain works perfectly, says Santoro. Courtesy of HGTV Newsletter.

Fayetteville, Rogers, Bentonville & Bella Vista can be a little chilly in the winter but don’t let that prevent you from using your outdoor living area year round. A cozy fire or fireplace is becoming a staple for outdoor rooms, because a hearth can extend the season of your outdoor room by several months. Consider two-sided fireplaces or portable fire pits. There are many location in Northwest Arkansas to purchase outdoor fireplaces and firepits.