10 Ways NOT to Promote Your Real Estate Career and Listings on Twitter

There are A LOT of real estate professionals using Twitter. There are some great people I’ve met on Twitter that always give more than they receive and some not-so-great people that broadcast and whine like it’s going out of style. Trust me… it’s out of style. Below are 10 Ways Not to Promote Your Real Estate Career or Your Listings on Twitter… paired with some alternative approaches.

1. Tweet Your Lisitings More Than Once a Week
Your followers want something useful out of you. Your a real estate professional, tweeting your listings using Tweetlister or doing it manually is fine… in moderation. Tweeting each of your 5-50 listings more than once a week is just plain broadcasting and plain wrong.

You CAN mention your listing and link to it’s property tour, video, or website if you are showing it, working on it, etc. When you link to something that is related to what you are talking about it adds value.

2. Send the tweet, “I’m in Real Estate! Do any of you have a home I can sell?”
Really? That’s the best you got? You know, I occasionally ask my close followers or people that I am having a conversation with…”Hey, who do you know right now that’s looking to buy or sell a home?” That’s as forward as I ever get… and I never send that message where the general tweeting population can see it. If you do, you are likely to alienate 1/2 your followers in one foul tweet.

3. Ask followers for their address.
I’ve got a better idea… why don’t you just triangulate their twitter signal and stalk them? I know people talk about ’stalking’ others on twitter, but I’m talking “actual” stalking. Don’t do it. If they want to give you their address to list their home… they will.

4. Tell followers what you are ‘getting ready for…’
Example Tweet…”Just preparing some great market data to go list 123 Main Street in Pleasantville…”

My response to that tweet would be… “So? Isn’t that what you’re supposed to be doing? You’re a Realtor right?”

Give me some VALUE. Like this, “Cross Creek in Pleasantville is ripe for a buyer looking for a deal, check out the market data http://tinyurl.com/example.” That tells me something useful and what you’re doing at the same time.

5. Auto-DM new followers with Shameless Self Promotion.
“Thanks for the follow…I’m the best real estate agent around. Are you ready to list?” Bzzzzzzz. Thanks for playing. You officially suck at twittering.

6. Don’t display a picture on your profile.
I love to work with people that I have no idea how they look. I think it’s the excitement and mystery… the thrill and the danger of the unknown. What? I’m the only one like that? Put up a picture that shows your a professional, trustworthy individual. If you can find one that makes you look intelligent too, that’s a bonus.

7. Make sure your profile links to http://yourdomain.com
This is one that lots of people get wrong. It’s a shame too because I love a good landing page that is tailor made for me. If you blog it’s as simple as writing a post about your use of twitter and linking to it. Not that I have the best twitter landing page in the world, but at least you’ll get the idea. This same concept goes for everything from facebook and linkedin, to buyers, sellers, and investors.

8. Only talk about real estate.
You ever notice how boring real estate really is? Market data, Days on Market, Absorption Rates, contracts, inspections, appraisals, I could go on. Now, many of us in real estate find most of this stuff at least a little bit interesting or else we don’t last long but the general population you are tweeting to could probably care less. Don’t be a robotic twit and only talk about the mundane details of real estate. Talk about your kids, the news, things you like and do… people will be much less likely to tune out your “boring real estate tweets” if you have something interesting to talk about at other times.

9. Only follow other real estate agents
While it’s certainly possible to follow no one but real estate agents and follow thousands (if not 10’s of 1000’s) of people. While you might get something out of your interactions on twitter there’s one thing you aren’t going to get…business.

10. Only follow locals who might be prospects
Following people on twitter is kind of like having a balanced portfolio. For big dividends and a safety net, you need to have the right mix of locals and non-locals, Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, other industry professionals, and prospects and clients. When you need a little lift you can lean on your fellow agents for support. When the market is good, your followers that have a real estate need will be contacting you in droves.