42 Reasons to Join Exit Pro Real Estate

The real estate brokerage model has evolved very little in the past 20-30 years. Each national company has it’s own strengths and weaknesses as well as each regional and local independently owned franchise. Here’s 42 Reasons to Join EXIT Pro Realty…

42 Ways EXIT Pro is “doing real estate right.”

  1. 10% sponsorship residuals available for all associates – for life.
  2. Splits starting at 70/30 up to 90% with no desk fees.
  3. NO desk fees… period.
  4. Be a part of the fastest growing real estate company in history.
  5. FREE scheduling for your showings
  6. FREE automatic follow up on each showing
  7. FREE automatic listing reports
  8. NO franchise fees paid on each transaction
  9. Professional offices with support staff
  10. FREE wireless access at each office
  11. FREE black and white business copies
  12. FREE color business copies
  13. FREE ‘offered by’ yard signs, customized with your photo available
  14. NO cost to transfer your license
  15. 7% retirement residuals available for all associates – for life.
  16. FREE E-listing web-based marketing solutions
  17. FREE electronic tours on every listing, email your clients and prospects
  18. FREE property specific Listing Website on each listing
  19. FREE electronic property flyers, online magazines, multi-media
  20. FREE toll-free call capture system, never miss another lead
  21. RETIREMENT 401K accounts
  22. ONE TOUCH system, you get the listing, you get the call, not just “floor duty”
  23. 5% beneficiary benefit for your family – for life
  24. Fax delivery right to your email
  25. FREE business cards when you join the team
  26. FREE name tag when you join the team
  27. Win company sponsored trips to great locations
  28. E&O insurance is transaction based, pay only when you close
  29. INSURANCE – Health, Vision, Dental, Life, and Disability available
  30. FREE company sponsored parties and picnics
  31. DISCOUNTS on Realtor Related Services
  32. Lowe’s Realtor Benefits client program
  33. Agent Listing Packets – All the forms you need – grab it and go list
  34. Agent Selling Packets – All the forms you need – grab it and go sell!
  35. In House Training Programs – take your career to the next level
  36. Support for Habitat for Humanity and other non-profit organizations
  37. Cutting Edge LEAD GENERATION – helps increase your business
  38. FREE Weekly real estate technology training
  39. FREE web-casting, talking tours, and marketing for every listing
  40. NEW HOMES TEAM – Work a model home and let customers come to you!
  41. FREE For Sale By Owner Leads!
  42. FREE Expired Leads!

Exit Pro Real Estate agents can help me out here… got any more?