Eleventh Annual EXIT International Convention Gala… What Do You Care?

Tuesday September 29th marks the beginning of Exit Pro Real Estate’s International Convention. If you search the Internet for this event you’d probably find Exit Pro Real Estate agents tweeting about it, your agent’s voicemail may say they are out of office attending convention… but what the heck does that mean? Are Exit Pro Real Estate agents going to DC to party? Network? See that sights? What? And why would you care as a home owner, buyer, or seller? I’ll tell you what they are doing… and why you’ll be glad.

Exit Pro Real Estate is growing…
You’ve probably seen that billboard somewhere. If you live in Northwest Arkansas you’ve seen it on Interstate 540 or 71B. Chances are you’ve seen it no matter where you live. It’s EXIT’s simple message that says… “We’re growing.” While other real estate companies are backpedaling, reeling, and downsizing… Exit Pro Real Estate is growing. I think that says something about a company.

How is Exit Pro Real Estate growing? Why? What good does it do you? These are the real questions right? EXIT is growing in number of agents, market share, innovation, training, and just about every other way that counts. What it translates into for you is a better option when you are ready to choose a real estate agent. In general, EXIT agents are well trained, and highly motivated to take care of their clients. The Exit Pro Real Estate system is certainly the best system of real estate devised so far. It helps train agents, brokerages, and provides the tools to succeed. I could get strung off on Exit Pro Real Estate but I really just wanted to talk about the convention.

Exit Pro Real Estate’s 11th Annual Convention

Exit Pro Real Estate’s convention is where brokers, agents, assistants, administrators, and vendors go to come together to:

  • Share ideas
  • Learn about new programs and technologies
  • Listen to nationally recognized speakers
  • and much, much more…

Attendees also have the chance to win $100,000 or more. Bonus.

Heading into winter with a sparkling attitude…

Everything that happens at convention is geared towards one main goal… getting the body of EXIT agents revitalized and eager to move forward and implement some of the new strategies and tools they learn about at the convention. This effect even spills over to the EXIT agents that don’t attend. You may notice it in the next few weeks as your EXIT agent has a spring in his or her step, a smile on their face, and a determination to sell your home that is unmatched in the local agent community.

You see… this convention thing is good for you. Here’s just a sample of what your agent may be learning this week…

  • Time management
  • New Listing Tools
  • Working with Distressed Properties
  • Technology for Real Estate Agents
  • Properly Exposing Properties Online
  • Using Social Media in Real Estate
  • Results Driven Marketing

Now, if your agent wins $100,000… you better tell them to spend some of that extra cash on marketing your property! Thanks for reading.

Is Discipline a Dirty Word?

Life requires discipline. If you don’t think so, think again. Every facet of our lives is shaped by the way we discipline ourselves, our families, and our peers. If you want to be truly efficient and effective in your career, you must embed discipline firmly in your life. Contrary to popular belief, discipline is not a dirty word…

Discipline: to improve or attempt to improve the behaviour of (oneself or someone else) by training or rules.

The four letter word of success…
How do you view discipline when it is applied to your life? For some it is to be avoided at all cost. For the champion, the top producer

and the successful, discipline is a powerful tool that can be applied to one’s self as a means to reach a goal.

For the track star –

  • discipline can be getting up in the morning, doing their workout and running a set number of miles
  • eating a strict diet
  • planning their day around training, rest, and recovery

All this could be in preparation of a 10 second race.

For the politician –

  • discipline could be a matter of staying relevant
  • keeping open communications with their constituents
  • following through will legislation
  • or campaigning till the wheels fall off

All to bring about change and a better quality life for their citizens.

Discipline creates real estate success…

As a real estate agent, what kind of discipline would you need to follow to be successful?

Here are a few suggestions:

Training – Attend and be a part of training classes as often as possible. It’s been said, “when you think you know it all, you know nothing.”

Know your market – This takes reviewing the local reports, reading the newspaper and industry blogs, keep up with what is happening on the MLS and, of course, stay current with what is happening in your own office.

Dress for Success – Get up in the mornings prepared to go to work with the look of a winner. Dress for where you want to be, not where you are. You may not want to take this advice if you want to be an expat in the islands 😉 .

Plan you day – If you do not take the time to plan your day, it will still happen anyway. Plan to get the most out of every day.

Taking care of your personal real estate business does require discipline. You are the President, CEO, marketing coordinator, and administrative assistant of your own corporation. It takes effort.

But if you enjoy winning and reaching your goals, discipline is just the tool that can take you where you want to go.

Northwest Arkansas Home Prices and Real Estate Market Report – August 2009

Now that I’ve finally gotten around to putting together the report for August it’s nearly time for the September report. No worries though. I wasn’t putting it off due to terrible information or some statistic taking a nose dive, I’ve just been busy. Enough excuses. Things are still looking very promising overall as we go into the slow months. Here is the Northwest Arkansas Residential Home Prices and Real Estate Market Report for August 2009…

Northwest Arkansas Home Prices and Housing Market Report

Numbers remain fairly steady month over month in Benton and Washington counties. You can see from the table above that we had 518 sales in Northwest Arkansas in August. Sales are on a good steady pace since back in May. We may even see sales stay steady through the winter months. Typically you’ll see a 20% drop or so in home sales in wintertime but we have a rebounding market so they may stay the same. The average sales price slipped a bit from last month but I believe that is just a monthly price fluctuation and not any kind of indicator home prices are not still rising.

Average Home Prices for Sold Properties in Northwest Arkansas

As I said above… still all good news here with the drop in sold prices this month only because of a monthly market fluctuation, and not some insidious indicator of a drop in home prices. I expect prices to stay near current levels through the winter with no large appreciation at least until spring time. There is another wave of foreclosures coming in 2010 that will probably negatively affect home prices but if we can keep inventories down until then, it will likely not be nearly as bad as we have seen values plummet over the last two years. There will be more on the coming foreclosures later.

June Numbers by City

Good overall sales for August. It’s amazing how low Bentonville’s DOM is. I don’t think you could say that for the general population of homes over, say, $250,000 though. Everything by city is fairly self explanatory this month. If you do have further questions about the report, please feel free to contact me by phone, email, twitter, or facebook.

Northwest Arkansas Pendings, Solds, and Expireds by Month for 2009

We saw the number of sold properties for August increase slightly while many properties expired over the past month. Probably due to the listing rush this past spring. You’ll see a higher number of expired over the next couple of months as many of those properties expire, mostly because they were overpriced to begin with.

Current Inventories in Each Northwest Arkansas City by Month

Inventories remain pretty stable again this month. Not bad, not good necessarily, but as long as sales continue to stay the same or increase, prices will rise. Looking back, the dip in March in inventories may have been some sort of mistake on my part when I researched that data. I’ll go back and find out for sure when I do the year-end numbers in a few months.

Average Days on Market By City

Not too much to say here… find your city and you’ll have a vague idea of how long your home might be on the market if it is priced at or within 5% of market value. A better idea is to see how long comparable properties have been on the market because DOM is very subjective to the price range the property is in. High end properties have fewer buyers which in turn makes them sit on the market longer than a home in the $150,000 range.

Absorption Rates by Price Range

From last month’s report:

Months of inventory on the market continue to drop as sales remain strong and inventories stay constant. Over the next few months I expect the low-end to level off and maybe even creep back up a bit to ten months or so. The higher price ranges should continue to fall as outstanding inventories continue to be sold.

The majority of the market’s (nearly 2300 units) absorption rate is down to nearly 7 months, the lowest it has been in over a year. It’s certainly not time to start calling for a seller’s market yet but a drop below 4 months will mean just that.

Well that’s it for the August 2009 Home Prices and Real Estate Market Report for Northwest Arkansas. If you would like a copy of the report in an easy to read PDF because you like paper or because you want to keep it for your records you’ll have to contact me and I’ll send you one by email.

Thanks for coming back and reading if you are a regular informed homeowner, and welcome if you are a newbie to the report. You can always find all of my market reports in the market conditions category of my site. Have a great month and enjoy the fall, my favorite time of year in Northwest Arkansas… Go Hogs!

Exit Pro Real Estate Featured in The Exit Pro Recruiter

he following article and interview is quoted from Exit Pro Real Estate’s International trade magazine, The EXIT Recruiter. Exit Pro Real Estate is proud of our own Ryan Russell in his featured interview about being a top producing real estate agent in Northwest Arkansas and the Exit Pro Real Estate system overall. We’re proud to have Ryan as a member of the Exit Pro Real Estate Family and congratulate him on all of his success!

Confessions of an Exit Pro Real Estate Top Producer

With six years in the real estate business, and after making the switch to Exit Pro Real Estate in 2007, Sales Representative, Ryan Russell continues to rank among the top agents within his region of Arkansas. We recently had the chance to sit down with him and pick his brain to find out why EXIT, why now and what every agent should know about sales.

When did you first hear about Exit Pro Real Estate?

RR: While vacationing in Florida in 2005. I saw a few For Sale signs, belonging to the local Exit Pro Real Estate office, in residential areas. Fast forward two years after that and Exit Pro Real Estate brokerages were sprouting up all over my market area.

What was your first impression of the company?

RR: Honestly, I thought the Exit Pro Real Estate name was an interesting choice when I first saw it, but the name did exactly what I believe it was intended to do, because it stuck with me from the very first time I saw it. I couldn’t tell you the first time I recognized any other real estate company.

How has the Exit Pro Real Estate Formula and methodology aided in your personal and sales success?

RR: The very first thing is the professional agents that Exit Pro Real Estate attracts. I love my office and the people in it, as well as many other EXIT associates in my market area. I just really like the simplicity of the EXIT structure. It easy to explain and to incorporate into your business.

What Exit Pro Real Estate tools and resources do you use to achieve your sales and listing success, and how?

RR: I’ve implemented Exit Pro Real Estate e-listings into my business with great results. I’ve impressed many clients with the virtual tours, 800 numbers, etc. It’s a great resource that all Exit Pro Real Estate agents should use to their advantage. Another uniquely Exit Pro Real Estate tool that I use is Exittrac. It provides the perfect way to keep track of my business, and there’s a lot of valuable data in it. I actually secured a loan for an investment property by printing off my commission income from Exitrac and presenting it to my lender.

Why do you think it’s important for a real estate company to offer agents these sorts of tools and resources?

RR: Selling real estate is a very competitive business. As an agent, you’ve got to select a company that equips you with the tools to succeed. The tools that Exit Pro Real Estate offers supply agents with a huge advantage in the marketplace.

What is one piece of sales advice you would give other Exit Pro Real Estate agents in order to succeed?

RR: The real estate market is fluid and I see the most successful agents adapting to the changing market rather than feeling sorry because it left them behind. Find the niche you enjoy working in and make a goal to own a percentage of that market share. Set goals and a budget and constantly track them.

Why would you recommend Exit Pro Real Estate to other agents?

RR: Exit Pro Real Estate offers the best tools, splits, professionalism, and business model in the real estate industry. The Exit Pro Real Estate model and tools are easy to implement, proven to work, and designed to make agents successful.

Interview: Social Media Do’s and Don’ts for Professionals with Rob Stewart – Exit Pro Real Estate International Technology Trainer

I had a good ten minute conversation with Rob Stewart, Exit Pro Real Estate’s technology trainer about a few social media do’s and don’ts for real estate professionals. With so many ‘newbies’ in the social media world, there’s bound to be some poor decisions being made. It seems like people don’t realize that other people can see and search for the things they say, tweet, facebook, and post. I’m not telling people to censor themselves or be ingenuous. I’m simply saying, “Don’t put your foot in your mouth cause you’ll regret it.” Listen-in on what Jeff and I have to say on the matter…

There’s lots more to cover on this topic. I’m going to start a weekly video on the subject with a focus on how real estate agents should interact with friends and followers online. Keep an eye out.

If you are looking for some help with your social networking strategy or you simply don’t have a clue what’s going on… you can contact me. I’ll be glad to fill you in on the big pieces.

Bikes Blues and BBQ 10th Annual Motorcycle Rally in Fayetteville

There’s a lot going on this year at the 10th Annual Bikes Blues and BBQ Motorcycle Rally. More Bikes, more music, and more BBQ than ever before! Check out this list of what’s happening this year from September 23rd-26th at BBB on Dickson Street in Fayetteville…

Bikes Blues and BBQ Turns 10!
With BBB turning 10 this year they’ve pulled out all the stops at one of the biggest motorcycle rallies in the country. Beginning as a small rally in 2000, BBB has turned into the largest motorcycle rally in the united states benefiting local charities. 2008 saw over 400,000 people in attendance from all 50 states and dozens of countries!

10th Annual BBB at a glance…

  • See over 100,000 Bikes!
  • Main stage entertainment is completely FREE during the day. AMP is hosting major acts on Thursday and Friday night, the 24th and 25th.
  • Most major motorcycle companies will be on the premises providing demo rides along with many parts and apparel vendors.
  • BBB is hosting Kansas City Barbeque Society’s 2009 Great American BBQ Tour events and crowning the new Arkansas State BBQ champions.

It’s all about the Bikes…
With over 100,000 bikes estimated to be in attendance this year, it’s really all about the bikes. Check out some of the BBB Great Rides Maps to enjoy some stellar riding around Northwest Arkansas and the beautiful Ozark Mountains.

There’s the super popular Battle of the Bikes where you can see the baddest of the bad from a tricked out trike to a radical custom chopper.

You can even ride some of the newest bikes on the market. Check out Demo Rides on the BBB main site.

If your ride breaks down, there’s even a good list of bike maintenance locations in and around the event.

It’s all about the Blues…
blackfoot Arkansas Music PavillionThis year’s big artists and bands include Big’uns, Little Hoojin, Oreo Blue, Steve Pryor, The Nace Brothers, Big Bad Bubba, Full House, and Joe Giles and his Home Wrecker Band. Daytime music is completely free on the main and southern stages.

AMP (Arkansas Music Pavillion) will host Blackfoot and Molly Hatchet on Thursday night with The Marshall Tucker Band and Oreo Experience on Friday night. Gates open at 5pm and concerts start between 7:30 and 8:00pm. Admission is $10.00 per night. Remember that a portion of all event proceeds go to local charities and the future support of BBB.

It’s all about the BBQ…

  • KCBS Great American BBQ Tour recipe demonstrations, sampling, entertainment, demonstrations, even an Iron Chef competition!
  • Public tasting will be help Friday Night in the Baum Stadium East Parking Lot.
  • Saturday morning, judging starts… Saturday afternoon best entries recognized with cash and prizes!

It’s actually all about charity…
BBB is a bike rally with a purpose. Since 2000, BBB has raised over $500,000 for local charities. To learn about each charity involved, check out the Charities page of their main website.

Keep that in mind when you head out to BBB this week to support an amazing local event that is good for NWA’s economy as well as our culture.

10 Forgotten Tips for Preparing the Exterior of Your Home for Sale

It’s the first thing they see when they drive up.  It’s the last thing they see when they leave.  There’s no amount of preparation worthwhile if the buyer doesn’t make it in the door.  Make no mistake, the exterior of your home is definitely a ‘make-or-break’ part of a buyer’s decision process.  Why not make sure they have a great first impression of your property? Here’s 10 Often Forgotten Tips for Preparing the Exterior of Your Home For Sale . . .

Tips for Preparing the Exterior of Your Home for Sale

  • Keep your lawn cut and edged.  Trim your trees and shrubs.  Make sure and remove all dead limbs and debris.  A clean yard is a salable yard.
  • Add some color to your yard and front porch.  Put out potted flowers or hanging plants.  Decorate for the Season too.  It’s hard to sell a home at Christmas with out some Christmas lights.  Festive Decorations attract festive buyers!
  • Arrange outdoor furniture neatly.  Make sure all lawn equipment, bike and toys are put away.
  • Repair any broken areas of your fence, deck or patio.  These areas should be clean, spotless, and inviting.  You’ll be amazed at what feature of your home the buyer attaches themselves to emotionally.
  • Check the exterior of items like siding, window sashes, trim, shutters, soffit, and facia.  Clean or  power wash areas that need it and give special attention to whatever entrance buyers use to enter the property.  As with people, first impressions count.
  • Make sure your gutters are clean.  Wash or paint if needed.  Re-align any gutters that are jutting out or look crooked.
  • Check the roof for shingles or flashing that may need replacing or repair.
  • Always replace broken windows, doors and screens.  Make sure each is in good working condition.  Consider replacing ‘pet worn’ doors.  You know what I’m talking about…
  • Wash driveways and sidewalks.  Patch holes and try to remove stains.
  • Touch up ‘little things’.  Make sure house number are straight and polished, the doorbell works, entry mats are clean… those kinds of things.  They’re easy to do and keep the buyer from getting distracted from little things in minor disrepair.

Big House On Small Acreage For Sale | Benton County Arkansas


Here is a Wonderful, Fantastic, Beautiful, Southern Style Home for Sale in Northwest Arkansas…..Americana at its’ best ! Okay…. one could say I am a little bias.…….this is my house I am putting on the market for $436,775.00

The decision to sell was a hard one for me. My husband built this house for me about 11 years ago when my boys were babies, it is MY design, we have been very happy raising our two boys here. There is plenty of room to ride dirt bikes and four wheelers or for the dogs and kids to run and play! The home is approximately 4200 square feet more or less situated on 4.2 Acres with mature shade trees. There are three (3) driveways, One circle drive in the front and two(2) in the back for easier access with heavy equipment.

We really love the small town atmosphere in Gravette and we really like the Gravette School system. Gravette is a quiet little town with a few gas stations, a grocery store, and some “mom & pop” restaurants until Friday Night Football comes !

The new football stadium is “state of the art” and everyone loves it.

Gravette is only about 20 minutes from Wal-Mart Home Office and XNA Airport. We have made some life long friends in Gravette and don’t plan on leaving the area. We decided to sell because my oldest son is graduating high school this year and our younger son is in junior high and we just feel it is time to move !

Tips to Selling Your Home…
I have taken my own advice and cleaned baseboards, windows, ceiling fans, closets etc., power washed everything that needed to be washed, did a little painting and sprucing up and feel like it is NOW OR NEVER!

This traditional ranch style country home has four (4) bedrooms, 3 Baths plus a small bonus room. A covered porch and very large deck make more room for entertaining. All the bedrooms are very large approximately 15 x 15. The Master suite is 15 x 19 with plenty of space for a sitting area! The master closet has 25 Drawers with a separate his and her area. So you don’t need a dresser! The other bedrooms have huge walk-in closets too with lots of shelving for clothes and toys! The Master Suite is upstairs along with another bedroom and a bonus room which is 20 x 11.7.

The Master bath/spa has a corner whirlpool bath with tiled steps leading up into the bath and a separate shower, there are two (2) sinks and a vanity with many drawers plus a linen closet. The bathroom is very spacious and no worries with trying to get ready at the same time your spouse is getting ready! The open balcony overlooks the large living area. The other two (2) bedrooms are downstairs with a full bath. The formal dining room is open and spacious with lots of natural light and beautiful dark cherry stained hardwood floors.

The living room is 24.8 x 21.4 and has a large wood burning fireplace, very high cathedral ceilings, two (2) ceiling fans, in-layed carpet with hardwood floor surrounding. The kitchen and living room is separated by two (2) large columns that match the massive staircase, with tons of cabinets and storage in the kitchen which is 21.9 x 13. A built in microwave and wall oven with touch screen control and a smooth top surface cook top . There is a built-in kitchen table that seats four (4) with storage underneath and a very large walk-in pantry with stainless steel free standing shelves.

Events and Fun Things to Do in Northwest Arkansas

There’s always a lot going on in Northwest Arkansas. Live Music, Sports, Fundraisers… there’s something for everyone. Check out this week’s list of things to do in Northwest Arkansas for the second week of September, 2009.

This week in Northwest Arkansas


Benjamin Del Shreve, Randall Shreve, Rockers LP’s & Lions of Hazelwood will all perform live at George’s on September 11th beginning at 9pm.

Legendary country singer Travis Tritt will perform live at the Walton Arts Center parking lot in Fayetteville on September 11th at 8 pm.

Cross Canadian Ragweed & Lucero will perform live at the AMP on September 12th.

George’s will host the Parrot Heads Jimmy Buffet Tribute Party & The Cross Canadian Ragweed After Party on September 12th.

P&G Beauty NW Arkansas Championship
The 2009 P&G Beauty NW Arkansas Championship will take place September 7th – 13th at Pinnacle Country Club in Rogers. This Three-day, 54-hole stroke competition is an Official LPGA Tour event featuring 144 of the top female golfers in the world. Rain or shine… come out and have a good time.

NWA Naturals Golf Tournament
The 2009 NWA Naturals Golf Tournament will be held September 12th at Stonebridge Meadows in Fayetteville.

This is an 18 Hole, 2 Man Scramble, with a Shot-Gun Start at 8:30 am. There is a $150 Entry Fee ($75 per golfer) and includes lunch, range balls, green fees and cart. Prizes awarded for Closest to Pin & Longest Drive!

20th Anniversary Polo in the Ozarks
Polo In the Ozarks takes place annually on the first or second Saturday of early September. The event is generously hosted by Dr. Brian and Mrs. Donna Buell, at their farm on Hwy 45 East, near Goshen, AR. Featuring the area’s only polo match, Polo In The Ozarks also includes tailgate parties, dinner and dancing under the stars, a children’s tent, and both live and silent auctions.

Dickson Street Octoberfest Family Festival
The Dickson Street Oktoberfest Family Festival will be held September 11th & 12th in the Walton Arts Center Parking Lot in Fayetteville. Check out the schedule of events.

While we at EXIT Pro Realty would love to take credit for putting all this information together every week, we must give credit where credit is due. Check out NWAeventsonline.com to find out about events in Northwest Arkansas. If you would like to have an event listed you can visit their website and submit your event here.

10 Duddington Lane Bella Vista Arkansas – New on the Market in Northwest Arkansas!

New celebrity property on the market! 10 Duddington Lane in Bella Vista is the fabulous home of… oh, just kidding, it’s my house! I guess we’ll just have to downgrade from celebrity property to SUPER CELEBRITY PROPERTY! Okay, seriously. My house is on the market. My wife and I loved it. Check out why…

10 Duddington… It’s not like the street makes it sound.

Funny name, great house. The only drawback is that you’ll have to spell it for the pizza guy a couple of times. I always said… “Dud, as in, ‘The bomb was a dud.’” They always get it then. This house was built in 2004 with just my wife and I as the owners. We kept it as clean as you can and even replaced the entire HVAC system at the end of 2008. Please check out all the links below as well as the pictures to see why we liked it so much. We hope you may too.