Search All Homes for Sale in Northwest Arkansas from Your Personal Cell Phone

You want searching for your new home to be easy. Period. We are partnering with SmarterAgent to provide home buyers in Northwest Arkansas with a mobile application called Homes for Sale that makes it possible to search all local property listings from their mobile device, regardless of whether it is listed by Jana and I or another broker/agent. Homes for Sale can be downloaded to virtually any cell phone by visiting the Homes For Sale Download Page.

Homes for Sale Helps Buyers Find Home Quickly and Easily

With Homes for Sale, consumers can be in any neighborhood and view detailed home information at the touch of a button. The GPS technology in the mobile phone, when available, locates users and pulls up addresses and information on property listings in their immediate area.

  • Sales price
  • Square footage
  • Tax information
  • Beds/baths
  • Interior and exterior features and pictures

all this become available instantly in the palm of your hand.

Consumers can also search by address, community, city or zip code when GPS is not available, or if they want to search for real estate in a particular area other than their current location.

The “Call to See” feature within the Homes for Sale application will connect you to myself if you have further questions or want to schedule a tour of the property.

When you are ready to download this remarkable new tool just click on the link here or in the sidebar which provides instructions on how to send the application to your personal cell phone. Simply select your cell phone carrier, the make/model of their device and enter your cell phone number into the downloader tool. Instantly, the application is sent via text message and downloaded to your cell phone just like a game or ringtone. If your cell phone model is not listed, simply select “All Other Devices” to use the mobile web version of Homes for Sale.

Homes for Sale is free to download on BlackBerry devices across all carriers and the iPhone, in addition to the free mobile web version. For other devices, a nominal monthly carrier charge may apply, dependent on device and carrier, billed directly to your carrier statement.

About Smarter Agent
Smarter Agent® creates mobile, location-aware (such as GPS) search applications that help consumers and professionals learn about, interact and transact with the world around them as never before possible. Smarter Agent invented and patented mobile, location-triggered real estate search and is now the largest mobile real estate portal in the world. Smarter Agent represents the first mass commercialization of a mobile application in the United States. Its reach includes premium downloadable applications with all major carriers, as well as access from all phones, operating systems and formats. CTIA, the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association, named Smarter Agent the Winner in its Emerging Technology Awards LBS/GPS category.

Let us know how you like the Homes for Sale application. We think it’s a great product and are proud we’re able to provide it for free to our clients, friends, and fellow Arkansans.

Roaring River State Park is Just a Hop, Skip, and Jump Away for Northwest Arkansas Residents

My family went to Roaring River State Park in Missouri a couple of weeks back. It’s one of the most picturesque and fun state parks I have been to in ages… and, it’s just a hop, skip and a jump away from all of us in Northwest Arkansas.

What is there to do at Roaring River?

Let’s see. On our family outing we:

  • Had a picnic by the river
  • Played on the playground
  • Swam (sort of) in the River
  • Caught craw dads.
  • Walked around the hatchery

Families with older children (mine’s just 1) have even more options:

  • Camp on one of 187 sites
  • Stay at one of 26 cabins
  • Stay at the Emory Melton Inn and Conference center (for those who can’t rough it)
  • Trout and Fly-fish
  • Hike through the nearly 4,100 acres of rolling Missouri forest
  • There’s even a pool

So, if you are looking for something a little out of the ordinary and you’d like to go north instead of South to Devil’s Den, try out Roaring River State Park in Missouri. It’s a great trip on a budget and it doesn’t feel like you’re in Northwest Arkansas at all.

Please let me know of any fun times you’ve had at Roaring River. I also would love any suggestions you have about fun things to do in and around Northwest Arkansas.

The Arkansas Realtor – news and updates about real estate and Realtors in Northwest Arkansas and all the rest of the Natural State

The Arkansas Realtor Association recently created a blog to expand its communication with Realtors and the people they serve – whether they live in Northwest Arkansas, any other part of the Natural State, or any other part of the Union! Click here for a post about the blog straight from the Arkansas Realtor. Add them to your feedreader and stay on top of the latest market statistics, articles from Realtors, House to House columns, and more!

To find out more about what a Reatlor can do for you give me a call! Oh, and please add this blog to your feedreader as well.

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EXIT Pro Realty of Rogers is on the Move to #6 Halsted Circle

Just as the butterfly emerges from it’s chrysalis, so to does EXIT Pro Realty. In less colorful prose, we’re moving just down the street to #6 Halsted Circle in Rogers. It just sounds so much better the other way. The new digs will give Exit Pro Real Estate a chance to really spread it’s metaphorical wings and grow into the business that agents around Northwest Arkansas have previously, only dreamed.

Exit Pro Real Estate’s New Office
We try not to toot our horn before it’s all said and done so here is just a preview of what’s to come:

  • Room for at least 45 full-time agents
  • Complete live-interactive training center
  • Multi-use space for every conceivable need
  • High Speed T1 duplexing Internet access

Exit Pro Real Estate’s about to have a physical office to match it’s big-time ideas for training, Internet exposure, technology, and family atmosphere. Look out for some updates by week’s end with new office pictures and a date for our grand opening bash!

Good Credit | Bad Credit | No Problem?

Have you ever wondered why your credit score is so important or better yet what the heck it means? Your credit score is a number that is reported by three (3) Credit Bureaus, Experian, Equifax and Trans Union to show your creditworthiness so that a lender can make a decision on whether or not to lend money. The Credit Bureau does not decide if you are credit worthy, they only report the history. Credit Card Companies, Banks, Mortgage Companies, or anywhere you buy a new or used vehicle will report to one or all three Credit Bureaus. The interest rate is then based on this number. If your number is above 650 you will probably get a good interest rate or what is called prime. Anything below that will be questioned and dealt with on an individual basis. If you have medical bills or certain circumstances (like life) that interrupted your “normal” credit history this could be explained and forgiven by the lender you are trying to get a loan from. Another name you may hear for Credit Score is FICO (Fair Isaacs Corporation)

Fair Isaacs Company does not reveal the exact formula it uses to compute this number. However, what is known is that the calculation is broken down into five categories with varying levels of importance. These categories are payment history, amount owed, length of credit history, new credit and type of credit used. All of these categories are taken into account in your overall score.

The payment history reveals how well you have met your prior obligations. It also looks for previous problems in your payment history such as bankruptcy, collections and delinquency. It takes into consideration the size of these problems, the time it took to resolve them, and how long it has been since the problems appeared. The more problems you have in your credit history, the weaker your credit score will be!

The next largest component is the amount that you currently owe. While this category focuses on your current amount of debt, it also looks at the number of different accounts and the specific types of accounts that you have. This area is focused on your present financial situation, and a large amount of debt from many sources will have an adverse effect on your score!

The other categories (length of credit history, new credit and type of credit used) are fairly understandable. The longer you have a good credit history, the better. Common sense dictates that someone who has never been late with a payment over twenty years is a much safer bet than someone who has been on time for two years. Also, people who apply for credit a lot probably already have financial pressures causing them to do so, each time you apply for credit your score gets lowered a little. And finally, a person with only one credit card is less risky than a person with Ten (10), so the more types of credit accounts you have, the lower your score will be. Some people are under the impression that the more credit cards they have the better their credit……..NOT SO!

If you find that there is something showing up on your report, the first thing is not to panic or freak out. Unfortunately mistakes on credit reporting are not all that uncommon. And even though it’s a pain in the neck, there are steps you can take to fix the situation. It’s most important to stay persistent, and document the process. (To learn more about credit reports, see Consumer Credit Report: What’s On It and The Importance Of Your Credit Rating.) For a local credit repair professional I suggest Sherri Elam at Millenium Mortgage. she has longevity in this business as well as doing loans and refinancing.

I personally recommend a professional to dispute any discrepancies. But if you should try to handle this yourself, understand there are laws. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), the credit reporting agencies are responsible for correcting inaccuracies and incomplete information on credit reports. This allows you to contact the reporting agencies, which publish the documents, to correct any inaccuracies you may find.

Write a Dispute Letter
When writing your dispute letter to the credit bureaus, be sure to include a clear explanation of your reasoning, along with any relevant evidence or documentation that helps support your case. You should make copies of all your correspondence, and be sure to send everything via registered or certified mail, so you’ll have a record of when it was sent and received.

Stay In Contact
When you contact the agency, they are required to investigate the issue within 30 days. The agency will pass on the dispute and information within it to the entity (person, business or other organization) that provided the information to the credit agency in the first place. The information provider must also investigate the complaint and report its findings back to the reporting agency.

If you’re right, then the change is made on your credit report and you should have a more accurate credit report. If your dispute isn’t resolved, for whatever reason, you can ask to have your dispute statement included along with your credit report when anyone accesses your report.

Keep a Paper Trail
As you start to send letters and officially challenge your creditor and/or credit bureaus, you’ll need to create a good, organized system to keep track of all your correspondence and where each issue stands. Often it takes repeated phone calls and letters before you achieve any resolution, so it’s helpful to have records of previous communications, along with copies or notes on the company’s response. Each time you have a phone conversation with a creditor, be sure to record the date and time, the name and title of the person you spoke with, and whatever was agreed upon as a result. Even after you’ve managed to resolve an error, it’s a good idea to hold onto your paperwork for at least a few years; it’s not uncommon for an item you’ve worked hard to remove to somehow, someday, reappear. You need to save all the envelopes as well, this will show dates of mailings. That’s why having a paper trail will be invaluable.

As you can see this is why I highly recommend a professional. Everything is time sensitive and must be addressed within the allotted time by law. I have been a Realtor a long time and helped clients and friends with their credit issues as well as mine. Sometimes it simply may be a mistake with the wrong name or address. So don’t panic or freak because you got turned down for a loan. You have a right to view YOUR credit report and dispute!

What’s Going on in Northwest Arkansas? Now there’s a Cooler Place to Find Out Using Twubs – Twitter Hubs

There are so many websites, networks, papers, radio and tv stations, magazines, and water coolers in Northwest Arkansas it’s kind of hard to keep track with what’s actually going on… especially what’s going on right now. Well, for those of you that use Twitter (and I know there are a bunch of you), now we’ve got Twubs – Twitter Hubs to help us keep track. In this article, I’ll explain what Twubs is, what the heck hashtags are, and how it all helps you keep up with your favorite place in the world, Northwest Arkansas…

Using Hashtags on Twitter to organize, categorize, and informatize

Okay, so that last one isn’t a word, but I think you get the idea. If you aren’t sure what Twitter is, you should probably watch this video then read on…

Now that you know what Twitter is (as if you didn’t already) let’s talk hashtags.

A user-created standard for identifying tweets belonging to a topic. Simply include the tag in your tweet and other people searching for the same tag will be able to find it.

Sounds simple huh? It actually is. Just add a “#” in front of whatever word you want to use as a hashtag and people searching that word, subject, event, etc. will easily find your tweet, along with all the others with the same hashtag.

So how would I use this and where do I find them?
You can see a list of all the registered hashtags at or you can just make one up and hope others start using it. I recently started using #realtips to microblog short, simple tips to help buyers and sellers achieve their real estate goals. You can find some of the hashtags that are commonly used in Northwest Arkansas by checking out my Twubs page. It looks like many people are using #NWAsocial and NWAtweet to talk about Northwest Arkansas.

Seriously, how is this useful?

I like metaphors so think of it like this…

You’re at a cocktail party with all your friends, just chatting away. The party is you and all your twitter followers.

Across town there is another party, a chic, jazzy affair. This party is another, unconnected group of twitterers.

There’s a guy, Billy, sitting in his basement wondering what the party scene is like tonight so he decides to use the #nwaparty hashtag to find out if anyone is talking about any good parties happening in Northwest Arkansas. He sends a tweet out: “Any buck parties happening tonight? #nwaparty”

It so happens that multiple people from each party Billy doesn’t follow happen to be tweeting about the “buck” party they are attending and how everyone should be there…plus they are using the #nwaparty hashtag to help others find their tweets. Now Billy searches for the #nwaparty hashtag and has to make a choice. Does he go to the cocktail party or the chic, jazzy affair?

This can be done with any subject, event, party, gathering, etc. that you might be able to conjure up. Try it out. Now you can see all the related tweets about any subject, area, or event in one spot. That’ s pretty powerful right?

Don’t take my word for it…
Try it out. You can see some of the hashtags I have embedded on this site here or go to and check out some others. Remember to join some of your favorites to make it easier to keep track of your area, interest, or event and start using #hashtags in your tweets to help them be easier to find by other people. Trust me, the more you use them, the more you’ll like them, the more you’ll use them, etc, ad nauseum.

To Better Health in Northwest Arkansas! Cook’s Natural Market and Their Building Continue to Serve

Nearly all of us have been taught the importance of taking care of our bodies from an early age, and more people are starting to take that knowledge seriously here in Northwest Arkansas. But finding a source of natural foods and supplements can be difficult. Fortunately Cook’s Natural Market, located at 726 W. Walnut St. in Rogers, makes it easy!

15 Years and Counting
Cook’s Natural Market has been in NWA for the past 15 years. The owners, Jerry and Susana Cook, started with a little one room store in the Village Shopping Center on 8th St., but quickly outgrew that space and moved into a four room store in the same center. But three years ago that small store was unable to contain their continued growth so Cook’s Natural Foods moved once again – this time to their current location. When asked what has fueled this growth, their manager, Brionne Ouei, attributes it to a combination of growth in the area along with an increased awareness in health – especially as people realize how financially important it is becoming to prevent health problems given rising health care costs. And this change of location actually had a dual impact: it allowed Cook’s Natural Market to meet the growing needs of their customers and it restored a building with a long history of serving Northwest Arkansas – their current building has been both the Post Office and bomb shelter in its past lives!

Though there are other places to find supplements and fresh, organic produce in Northwest Arkansas, Cook’s Natural Market is the only full service health store in the Rogers and Bentonville area. They are committed to serving their loyal customers and this is evident not only in their location in the heart of Rogers, but also in their commitment to providing the finest whole foods and supplements available. They have a standing promise to their customers: “If we don’t carry what you are looking for, we will find it for you.” What more could you ask?

But Cook’s Natural Market is more than just a health food store – they are also a medical supply company. At Cook’s Natural Market you can find medical supplies ranging from gauze and wound care products to hospital beds, walkers, and wheelchairs. And if you are not in the market to purchase large medical supplies they will be happy to rent a bed, walker or chair to you.

Have you ever wanted to know more about natural foods and supplements? Would you like to get more involved in moving away from chemicals to more natural foods? Cook’s Natural Food Market provides many opportunities:

They regularly bring in speakers and provide a forum for discussions. Recently they invited Dr. Bob Martin, a nationally syndicated radio host from California. You can find out more at the store or their website.
They try to use local suppliers as much as possible so if you have organically certified items for sell talk to Brionne.

And if you are in the job market they are currently seeking a part-time cashier. “Apply within” as they say.
Or you can simply sign up for their newsletter and enjoy all the great information they provide!
It is exciting to see a local company so committed to all aspects of your health here in Northwest Arkansas!

Cook’s Natural Market can be contacted:

  • Via the Web at
    Speaker schedules
    and More
  • By Phone at 479.936.8484 or 800.852.7486
  • In Person at
    726 W. Walnut St., Rogers 72756
    Cook’s Unimed, 801 S. Bowman, Little Rock, AR 72211 (their newest location)


And don’t forget to view their commercial on YouTube!

Northwest Arkansas Home Prices and Market Report – June 2009

Some interesting numbers (that’s not an oxymoron is it?) this month in the Northwest Arkansas Housing Market. As the days continue to get hotter so does the housing market. Prices have remained steady from last month and most other indicators point to a market making a slow comeback. Check out June 2009’s Home Prices and Housing Market Report for Northwest Arkansas…

Northwest Arkansas Home Prices and Housing Market Report

It looks like numbers have remained fairly steady month-over-month for Northwest Arkansas. It also looks like some of the frenzy associated with the first-time homebuyer’s tax credit has worn off, creating a more modest number of pendings for the month.

Average Home Prices for Sold Properties in Northwest Arkansas

It’s nice to see home prices stabilize somewhat. June’s average home sale came out to $169,160 just slightly above May’s average sales price. It will be interesting to see where prices go for the rest of the summer and into fall. I’m suspect that they’ll stay leveled off without any major changes but you never know what the economy or the government holds.

June Numbers by City

Again, no astounding news here. Numbers for the rest of the summer should remain fairly even. It’s good to know the Sp/Lp (or Sale Price to List Price) ratio if you are listing your home. Check out a recent article I wrote about the 10 most important real estate numbers to know when selling a home.

Northwest Arkansas Pendings, Solds, and Expireds by Month for 2009

Wow, the number of pending sales went down drastically this month. Like I said before, I think that is most likely because of the tax credit as well as the cyclical nature of home purchases. Everybody rushes to view homes in the spring and buy in the early summer. I expect the number of pendings to start to level out some.

Current Inventories in Each Northwest Arkansas City by Month

Inventories for the month of June remained very steady with some cities seeing a slight rise and some a slight fall in homes on the market.

Average Days on Market By City

Ah, my favorite number. If this isn’t an indicator of an improving market, I don’t know what is. We’ve had a steady drop in the number of months of inventory on the market since the ‘bottom’ in February. Lower supply means more demand for the homes currently on the market. This will increase prices and decrease the number of days it takes to sell your home. Good stuff to know.

That’s about it for the June 2009 Home Prices and Market Report for Northwest Arkansas. If you would like a copy of the report in an easy to read PDF because you like paper or because you want to keep it for your records you’ll have to contact me and I’ll send you one by email.

Thanks for coming back and reading if you are a regular informed homeowner, and welcome if you are a newbie to the report. You can always find all of my market reports in the market conditions category of my site. Have a great month and enjoy the summer.

Advanced Home Marketing Stategies – A Primer | Day 2: Leveraging Traditional Web Exposure to Sell Homes

In part two of the Advanced Home Marketing series, we’ll be talking about traditional web marketing and the ways it can be fully leveraged to expose a listing. If you missed part 1 you should probably take a look at it before reading this second installment in the series. Let’s see what Traditional Web Marketing consists of in the context of a comprehensive Home Marketing Strategy.

What is traditional web marketing? Well, it’s the things that many/most agents should or easily could be doing with a little effort using web tactics, practices, and systems that have been around for at least a few years. Before you start warming up your commenting fingers after seeing blogging on there remember that blogs have been around in some form for about 10 years, a well established platform considering the rest of the traditional and social items on our list.

Traditional Web Exposure

  • Single Property Websites
  • Virtual Tours
  • The MLS (Multiple Listing Service)
  • Blogs, Agent Sites, and IDX
  • Email Marketing
  • Listing Syndication
  • Video

Single Property Websites

This is simply a website that showcases the listing… and nothing else. It usually has it’s own property address domain name, but can technically simply be a post on a blog with the domain name masked to the property. Either way, having a Single Property Website is first on the list because it’s kind of the home base for the property. From here you should be able to get to…

  1. Listing Details
  2. Pictures
  3. Virtual Tour
  4. Video Tour
  5. School and Neighborhood information
  6. Anything else concerning the property

Some example single property website providers are E-listings (EXIT Realty only), SPS,, or to name a few. If you have a decent blog, my personal recommendation would be to buy the listing’s domain name and mask it to a post or page on your site. If you are an agent, it’s better for you and your site, and it’s better for a homeowner that doesn’t have to try to get web traffic from scratch.

Virtual Tours
Virtual tours have been around for years. You know, the scrolling pictures, the bad lighting, the cheesy music, the long load times. Personally, I think if you are going to do a virtual tour, make it nice. The whole point of property marketing is to differentiate and expose. If you use the same tired pictures, the same dinky music, ad nauseum… you are going to have potential buyers shying away. All virtual tours should have…

  1. Great pictures – isn’t this one really a no-brainer?
  2. Dynamic effects – Not the same old slow zoom but punchy, eye-catching effects that create some excitement
  3. CTA’s – That’s Calls-To-Action for the acronymically challenged crowd
  4. Links to the listing website, the agent/homeowner, and area information
  5. This last one is a personal opinion, but I believe it isn’t a good tour unless you have a voiceover pointing out amenities or at least some text associated with each picture

In this day and age of social media, blogging, and listing syndication, the actual MLS listing can take a backseat. Don’t kid yourself, more listings sell specifically because of the MLS listing than all the other ways combined. A good MLS listing is crucial to properly expose the home for sale. All MLS listings should have:

  • Great photos (seeing a theme here?)
  • Extensive property information with room sizes and all amenities listed
  • Acreage, special features, disabled access.  These have to be on the listing sheet
  • A good write up… Charming shack downtown doesn’t cut it.  Make it enticing without exaggerating or lying.  Showcase the properties strong points.
  • Directions.  If the buyer or their agent can’t find it, they aren’t going to make an offer.

Blogs, Agent Sites, and IDX
Blogs are Agent Sites but agent sites are not necessarily blogs. Both can have an IDX solution (a.k.a. home search)

Blogging is the single most useful thing an agent can do online to attract business in the form of buyers, sellers, investors, and anyone with a real estate need. Real estate lends itself to blogging because real estate is 80% local and bloggers can provide the local content that locals need to know. Get it? You can use blogs to showcase listings, provide services like property searches, and much, much more. You can do much of this with a good template agent site but it sure is a pain (trust me, I’ve been there).

IDX – Most people reach a real estate site for one reason: to search for homes. The most popular page on my site is the home search page… no competition. That’s what people want so that’s what you need to provide them. A good IDX will show you’re listings FIRST before all other listings in the MLS. That helps showcase your properties above all others.

If you don’t know anything about blogging or IDX just remember this one thing. Content draws them in, a good home search keeps them. The more often people come back the more trustworthy a source of real estate information you become. It’s nice for other people to sell your home but it is nicer if you can sell it yourself.

Email Marketing
Email is the most used online communication method on the Internet. Here’s the astonishing statistics (estimated in 2008)…

  • 210 Billion emails sent daily or over 76 trillion messages a year
  • more than 2 million emails a second
  • 1.3 billion daily email users

That’s pretty mainstream. Email your listing to potential buyers, agents, neighbors, and relocation specialists. I’m not advocating spamming people in any way. I am just saying that if you know someone that may be interested or they have opted-in to a mailing list for such a thing, there’s no reason not to email it to them. Realtors in my board send open house invites, flyers, and general information like it’s going out of style. While much of it gets lost in the shuffle, you can get your email read by doing a couple of key things…

  • Write an attention grabbing subject line
  • embed your flyer
  • Link to your property website

If you really want to get fancy… make a video using something like eyejot.

Listing Syndication
The more places your listing can be seen…

the more exposure you get…

the more interest you generate…

the more offers you have…

the more competition there is…

the better your offers get…

the more you sell the home for…

the more money you make. Get it?

It’s not really traditional marketing but it doesn’t fall into the social networking part of your strategy either so it falls here. Less than 15% of real estate agents and even less FSBO’s use actual video in their marketing campaigns. That knocks out some competition right there doesn’t it? I’m not the only one who says to use video in your real estate marketing.

Here’s some staggering statistics from January of this year if you still think video isn’t worth tackling:

  • 14.8 Billion online videos were watched
  • Youtube had 100 million viewers
  • 147 million U.S. Internet users watched an average of 101 videos per person

You don’t have to have an HD camera or shoot like a professional. Start by getting a youtube account, or a viddler account if you don’t like youtube. Just get started. I’d suggest a $150 flip cam or one by Kodak if you don’t have a camera.

In Summary…

Each of the things I have listed are the minimum you should be doing to market a property. If you aren’t doing it or can’t… I challenge you to implement one new idea today. Just one. Next week implement another one. Start to build your marketing into a cohesive strategy. If you’re an agent, make it a complete solution for your clients. If you’re a home owner, implementing one or two of the things I talk about in each of these marketing strategy articles will help immensely. It would help even more if you hired an agent that has their act together but that’s up to you.

Please leave your thoughts on any other tactics to use when marketing a property using traditional web marketing methods. Thanks for reading. Look out for next weeks’ installment of Advanced Home Marketing Strategies when we’ll talk about how to properly market a property using traditional print media.

7 Ways is More than Just another Northwest Arkansas Real Estate Website, Exit Pro Real Estate’s Brokerage Blogsite is finally nearing it’s public launch. I thought now would be as good a time as any to explain how this website is unique, why it’s going to stir things up, and how it’s much more than any other real estate website in Northwest Arkansas.

1. It’s a fully syndicated Blogsite

If you don’t know what I mean by “blogsite” then you better go check out this video before you read any more.

Now I said “syndicated Blogsite.” This means that we syndicate (fancy word for copy or republish) real estate content to our website. Where do we get it…from Exit Pro Real Estate agents of course. Any time an agent writes an article on their personal blog, it gets syndicated here to add to the huge repository of knowledge already located on the site. truly is your ‘one-stop-shop’ for every real estate need or question.

2. It’s interactive

Have something to say about an article you just read? Say it by commenting on the article for the world to hear. We leave all comments unmoderated in their original form as long as they are PG rated. Ask a question in an article and subscribe to the comments by email to get a quick reply.

3. It creates transparency

Get to know your real estate agent before you buy or sell. Read their articles, look at their profile, visit the social networks they belong to. Find an agent you feel comfortable with to help you with your families most important asset you’ll ever own. Now, there’s no wondering, “will this agent do a good job?”, “How do they operate?”, “Are they trustworthy?”

All of these questions are answered for you and the whole world to see.

4. It makes our agents BETTER

Our agents have to write articles to get listed on our brokerage site. Their articles have to pass a certain criteria to be allowed on the site. They must be well researched, well written (or produced if it’s video), and provide our past, current, and future clients with some value. An agent that thinks and learns every day is an agent that grows and develops their craft. Just as doctors and lawyers must participate in continuing education, so too must our agents. In addition to the woefully insufficient 6 hours per year that is required, our agents spend hundreds of additional hours every year honing their knowledge of everything from market data to staging ideas…contract negotiation to the latest marketing techniques. You’ll see the difference when you use us…guaranteed.

5. It’s social

Exit Pro Real Estate does nothing by chance. Just as each agent has a Digital Marketing Strategy to efficiently market your home both on- and off-line, we also, as individuals and a company, participate in every major social network including:

  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • Plaxo-Pulse
  • Activerain
  • and many, many more

Follow us on Twitter @Exit Pro Real Estate. Share a blog post with your friends by email, text, or any social network using the ’sharethis’ button at the bottom of each post and page. Embed a video you like on your website or blog or share it with friends and family.

6. It’s alive

It’s not alive in the sense your dog is alive (hopefully) but in the sense that it’s not static like everyone else’s real estate website. We can change and move things at will, replace text and video, add features, install plugins, and more. In a word, is constantly evolving to better serve the Northwest Arkansas housing market. If you ever have a comment or suggestion please don’t hesitate to let us know.

7. It uses the best technology available

A lot of people and companies throw that word around, technology. We actually back up what we say. We have a full-time, on-staff technology director (that’s me) who does nothing but helps Exit Pro Real Estate’s agents expose their properties online and make them more efficient through the use of technology and social media. Our blogsite is built on the latest web optimized platform, WordPress MU, which allows us to create applications around our needs and the needs of our clients. We use a top of the line search portal to allow clients and prospects to easily find the home of their dreams.

I could go on (and on) but I think you get the jist.

Exit Pro Real Estate really is different. Our tagline is, ” . . . doing real estate right.” because that’s what we’re doing.

  • We are creating the most robust online presence of any company within 500 miles, hands down.
  • We have the best training of any company in nationwide.
  • Exit Pro Real Estate, our franchisor, is the only real estate company that expanded in 2008 and maintains an active international travelling training staff.
  • We hold our agents to a standard of professionalism and knowledge that no other company can match
  • If you are a buyer in need of a professional…contact us.

If you are a home owner that wants or needs to sell your home…contact us.

If you are an agent with the will to work hard but without the tools to succeed or reach the next level…contact us.