Why Live in Northwest Arkansas

My name is Kimberly, I am a Realtor with Exit Pro Realty in Rogers, Arkansas and thought I would share a story.

My husband Josh, told me about a gentleman he worked for, he said this “older” man had come from New York City and had worked on WallStreet. My husband thought to himself, now why would someone move from New York City to a small area like Northwest Arkansas where there is not much hustle & bustle. At least compared to his idea of New York.

My husband asked the older mans’ friend, that was visiting him, what made him decide to move to Northwest Arkansas? The man said,” how old do you think he is?” Victor said ….I don’t know, trying to be kind he said 70ish (he acutally thought 80ish) the man said, “he is 56 and woke up one morning and simply decided to make a change in his life for the better!” He said his friend researched one of the best places to live was actually Northwest Arkansas, so he and his wife decided to move here and take better care of themselves! So I guess a very good reason to move to Northwest Arkansas is for your health and sanity!

New comers often find themselves stepping up a level or two in the housing department. From historic and traditional neighborhoods to brand-new communities, moderately priced to luxurious, odds are you’ll find the home you want for less. Average utility costs are less than the national average. Air and water quality are high, as expected in an area renowned for its natural beauty! Currently in Bentonville there are 64 luxury homes on the market, Fayetteville has 97 and Springdale and Rogers have 147 luxury homes on the market.

The average sale price of a home in Bentonville and Fayetteville is about $165,000 with approximately 2000 square feet more or less. The average sale price of a home in Springdale and Rogers is about $140,000 with approximately $1650 square feet more or less.

Canoeing on the Buffalo River is a favorite past time for natives and guests of Northwest Arkansas! Among Rivers there are beautiful mountains and State Parks. Golfing is huge in Northwest Arkasas there are so many golf courses and a few are part of subdivisions so you can walk to the club and take in a few rounds of golf!

Some very well respected global companies are located here in Bentonville, home of the largest retail capital in the world, WAL-MART,INC., Springdale is the home of TYSON FOODS, the worlds largest producer of poultry, beef and the second largest of pork. JB HUNT is located in Lowell Arkansas, the nations largest publically owned truckload carrier with international networks from Canada to Mexico

If you are thinking about moving give me a call ! I love Northwest Arkansas and would love to share it with you!

Selling Your House This Spring in Northwest Arkansas

Spring is Here!

Thank Goodness! I don’t know about anyone else, but I am ready for Spring! I am a Realtor with EXIT PRO REALTY in Rogers, Arkansas and my husband Victor is an Asphalt Contractor (Stewart’s Asphalt & Paving). Obviously we love the Spring!!

It seems that when Spring comes that everything is going to be okay. The flowers start to bloom, the leaves come out on the trees and people come out of their houses to look at open houses and yes lenders are starting to loosen up a little. With the tax credit of $8,000 and the feds saying they are going to lower interest rates to 4% plus the fact that it really is a buyers market, (a buyers market means that the buyer has a lot to choose from) I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t want to seek out a deal !

If your thinking of selling your home you must be willing to compete. Selling your home in the Spring is always a good idea! People always get excited about looking at what is new on the market at this time and lets face it everyone gets a little nervous about strangers going through their house. I have composed a few tips to try to make selling your home a little easier. I highly reccommend involving the whole family in a little Spring Cleaning!

Tips to Selling Your Home….

1. Get Organized. Eliminate the clutter. Clean out closets. Give away to Salvation Army, local Churches (they usually know of a family that could use the help) or have a garage sale, involve the kids!

2. Clean the floors, mop the hardwood & tiled floors, wash the baseboards, have the carpets professionally cleaned or rent a machine at your local grocery store.

3. Clean the windows, inside and outside, dust or wash the blinds, replace or mend the broken slats, also wash and iron any curtains.

4. We all clean our bathrooms every week but spring is a good time to refresh with a new shower curtain, bath mats, and clean out the cabinets, throw out old medicine and old toiletries.

5. Clean out the kitchen cabinets. Throw away stale spices, etc..,clean the refrigerator and freezer (yes some buyers actually look inside), vacuum the cooling coils under the refrigerator and sell, give away or donate old unused small appliances that are taking up space. Wipe out all cabinets and the pantry.

6. Make sure the garage is clean and neat. Either sell, donate or give away any unused toys, tools, etc..

7. Fix anything that is broken. Maybe a leaky faucett or a door handle is loose. This gives buyers a bad impression even though it is an easy fix and normal wear and tear.

8. Clean the porches or decks. I reccommend a power washer or even using a water hose with a strong spray nozzel. This will eliminate any bugs, spider webs and any mold. house-stock-photo1You might want to clean the whole outside of the house!

9. Spruce up the lawn a little. You don’t have to spend alot of money but a few flowers in clay pots on the porch or a few flowers in the yard really makes it look nice!

10. Always make the beds. Keep the house picked up with no toys or laundry in the floor and never leave dirty dishes around, you never know when your Realtor will call and you NEVER want to turn away a buyer!

11. Clean the ceiling fans, light fixtures and change out light bulbs, make sure they all work and why not buy the economical bulbs that last longer!

12. Also, take a look around your house, does your ceiling fan look dated? What about the bathroom light fixtures, the Dining Room chandelier? It really doesn’t cost a lot to make a few simple choices to update your home.

I hope you can use a few of my suggestions and remember when selling your house make sure it’s priced right! Call a Professional Realtor, as opposed to a part time agent. Pick someone you can talk to, that you feel comfortable in spending a little time with, afterall, this is a person you are trusting a very large investment ….your family home!

And one final suggestion, don’t smoke in your house, even though you can’t smell anything other people can, so consider smoking outside and open the windows and air everything out, including bed linens, pillows and comforters etc….

Attention Northwest Arkansas For Sale By Owners! This Free Service is for YOU!

With a tough economy and tough market comes a larger proportion of homeowners that either choose to list their homes themselves, or have no other choice.  Exit Pro Real Estate now offers a completely free, no obligation listing service to Northwest Arkansas For Sale By Owners (FSBO’s).  Below I will explain how this service works, why you want to participate, and why we are willing to offer such a tool in the first place.  Read on to help get your home sold…

Map-Based Home Searches of For Sale By Owners Only

We have a listing tool at our disposal called E-Listings which creates virtual tours, websites, flyers, and more for our customers.  We will create a limited, un-syndicated listing of your FSBO property on E-listings which will be placed on a map of For Sale By Owner properties on our website where most Northwest Arkansas home buyers go to look for housing.  Below is a sample of the map.  The real one will be interactive with pop up information about your property.

Why this service is for you…

In just 7 words…it will help get your home SOLD. Thousands of potential buyers view our site every month and many are looking for FSBO because they feel they may be priced better than homes listed by Realtors.  With your home on this unique system, you will get the opportunity to receive more leads and get a higher sale price for your home.  Your home will get viewed by more buyers and more qualified buyers here than on national for sale by owner websites that require you to pay hundreds of dollars for a listing.

Why we are offering this service…

Exit Pro Real Estate prides itself on being the most technologically driven, professional, and successful real estate firm in Northwest Arkansas.  We fully disclose that we are listing your property for free on our site to generate buyer leads for our agents.

  • If you get the call, the sale is yours and you owe us nothing.
  • If we get the call on your property, we will ask for a one-time permission to show your property to our buyer.  If you accept an offer by that buyer we ask for a small 3% fee which we will collect at closing.

That’s it.  No strings, no tricks.  It’s a Win-Win situation for you, the buyer, and our company, Exit Pro Real Estate.

We can list your property over the phone and drive by to take an outside picture.  Ideally, a full virtual tour of your property could be provided if you allowed us to take inside pictures but that is strictly up to you.