oday’s market is different than years past… to say the least.  There are still basic principles of buying that you should follow to make smart choices when buying a home as an investment vehicle for your future.  Here are 18 Things to Look for to Pick a High Appreciating Neighborhood…

Neighborhoods generally appreciate because of…

  1. Great schools or proximity to schools
  2. Pride of ownership
  3. History of high-appreciation
  4. Low crime rates
  5. Economic stability
  6. Employment access and availability
  7. Homogeneity, cohesiveness
  8. well maintained, curving streets
  9. Rivers, mountains, hills, streams, lakes, oceans, or any body of water nearby
  10. Plenty of common area
  11. Parks and green areas
  12. Mature trees or abundance of trees
  13. Properly lit streets
  14. Historical significance (think of downtown areas)
  15. Trendy stores, nearby cultural centers (like performing arts, galleries, etc)
  16. Good infrastructure, roads, fire, police, etc.
  17. Low traffic congestion
  18. Parking

These things, along with a number of other factors, will help you find a neighborhood that will appreciate during your time living there.  Many of these factors are hard to determine without the help of a professional.  Give me a call if you are considering a certain neighborhood in Northwest Arkansas and I will be happy to do a neighborhood appreciation analysis for you.